I spend over 20 years in Shanghai. My golf teacher told me in 2000 that I was to tight in my hips. Afterwards I was looking for a method to become more flexible. This is how I started with Hot Yoga. Initially only intended to improve my flexibility to play better golf, I quickly experienced how great I felt after each Hot Yoga class, how much more energy I had for the rest of the day. Suddenly I could perform my work duties better, with improved concentration in less time. Soon afterwards I stopped playing golf and practice Hot Yoga regularly ever since. 

A few years ago I quit my job as Managing Director of a Manufacturing Enterprise in Shanghai with the intention to make my passion my profession.

In 2013 I graduated from a Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. Opening a Hot Yoga Studio was our longterm goal. I look forward to teach this energizing, healing yoga to many more people for many more years. It is my personal mission to help people improve their overall wellbeing and health.



I have suffered severe back pain in the past. I was completely out of shape and exercise options were very limited. I was trying to find a way out in order to improve my overall wellbeing and health. That is when I came across Yoga. After practicing Yoga on a regular basis I managed to recover. Yoga had become a part of my life.

In 2006, I successfully completed my Hot Yoga teacher training, International Yoga Alliance teacher training. Since then I have continued on my yoga journey. I have taught in Yoga Studios, International Communities and International Schools. I hope I can share my passion for Yoga with everyone and build up a yoga community, in which we will provide a nice place for everyone to practice and learn.



Download: Im Schwitzkasten- Artikel über Hot Yoga Frankfurt in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 17. November 2018
Sauna oder Yoga? Beides lässt sich auch verbinden. Ein Selbstversuch.
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