Private Coaching

Private Coaching 

You want to bring your yoga practice to the next level? Private coaching is the fast track to improving your postures. It will support your regular Hot Yoga group practice. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

In private coaching we apply a holistic, therapeutic approach. The overruling principle is to improve your wellbeing. The connection of breath and movement forms the basis. We will help you to adapt the postures to your personal body structure to maximise the health benefits for you. The heat will assist in opening your body for changes. You will learn how to cleanse and purify yourself from the inside out, resulting in radiant health. 

Private Yoga Coaching is ideal to assist in treating:

  • Sleeping and digestive disorders
  • Back, shoulder, knee and hip pain
  • Headaches, stress and burnout
  • Overweight


What are your needs? Do you have any specific conditions that you wish to be treated? Or do you just want to improve your postures and alignment? In a first consultation we will plan and adapt the private coaching to your personal needs.


Private Coaches
Thomas & Helen are both certified in the Ghosh Lineage Therapeutic Yoga, also known as the 26+2 Original Hot Yoga. Helen has multiple other certifications in various Yoga styles, as well as in Ayurveda. More information is available in the Team section of our website. We look forward to meeting you in person to convince you on the benefits you will receive through private coaching.  


1 Hour Member                             € 100,00
1 Hour Non-Member                     € 109,00


5 Hour Package Member              € 450,00
5 Hour Package Non-Member      € 490,00


10 Hour Package Member            € 850,00
10 Hour Package Non-Member    € 926,00

Home / Office Visits                +   € 20,00 per visit in Frankfurt


Please make your appointment for a consultation by calling Thomas on 069 90028576 
or per email to


"Your Body is an Extension of your breath" - Tony sanchez 

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