Class timing
Classes start on time and last for 90 or 60 minutes. The studio opens 30 minutes before the class starts. After the class has started there will be no admittance to the studio and classroom.

All classes are suitable for beginners. Please be in the studio 20 minutes before the class starts. This will give you enough time to register yourself and get to know our studio. You can also sign up on our website in the section Class Schedule. This will save you some time.

Hot Yoga is practiced barefoot. Due to the heat please wear light sports clothing. You will need two large towels, one for the class and one for the shower afterwards. We rent towels for € 2. We have complimentary 2in1 shower gel. Please drink plenty of water before the class. We recommend that you carry about 1 liter of water with you for consumption during and after the class. Please no glass bottles. We sell water for € 2. With a full stomach you are less flexible. Therefore please do not eat meals starting from 3 hours before the class. We have complimentary herbal tea for your refreshment after the yoga. We look forward to your visit.

Download: Im Schwitzkasten- Artikel über Hot Yoga Frankfurt in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 17. November 2018
Sauna oder Yoga? Beides lässt sich auch verbinden. Ein Selbstversuch.
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