The Hot Room is a unique environment inside of which you are given the opportunity to focus on self-reflection through a systematic, coordinated

90 minute breath-movement meditation. Please be aware that all external stimuli is beyond your personal control. This will allow you to focus inward through breath and alignment and achieve greater self-control. The teacher is solely responsible for controlling the environment. You are responsible for controlling yourself. Work hard and have fun.


  • Please arrive on time and fully prepared for class
  • Please do not wear shoes or socks inside the Hot Room, the practice is done barefeet
  • Please do not bring your phones to the Hot Room
  • Please remain respectfully silent during the whole class and listen carefully to the instructions of the teacher
  • Please stay on your mat unless an emergency situation arises or you are instructed to leave by the teacher
  • Please start to drink water only after eagle pose and afterwards in between the postures
  • No glass bottles are permitted in the Hot Room
  • Please keep your water bottle close to your mat
  • Come to class properly hydrated so you will need to drink less water during the class
  • For hygienic reasons and to to prevent bacterial growth and odours please cover your yoga mat with a larger towel, especially if it is one of the studio mats since there will be other persons using the mat after you
  • Please do no rush out of the class after the final breathing exercise and allow yourself a few minutes in relaxation to absorb the maximum benefits
  • When finally leaving the Hot Room do this in silence out of respect for the others

Thank you in advance for your mindful presence and enjoy your Hot Yoga.



Download: Im Schwitzkasten- Artikel über Hot Yoga Frankfurt in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 17. November 2018
Sauna oder Yoga? Beides lässt sich auch verbinden. Ein Selbstversuch.
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