Integrating meditative vinyasa flow to the Ghosh yoga practice. A flexible, 40-posture system  to modify, intensify or simplify. You will learn to create internal heat by synchronising your movements with your breath. Postures already known to you from the 26+2 Series will be combined with new ones and practiced flow style.


We launch this new yoga series with the support of Tony Sanchez, yoga master from the Ghosh lineage. Sharing 40 years and 10,000+ hours of yoga practice and teaching with us. We were trained by Tony personally earlier this year.


The class timing is 60 Minutes. You should be either familiar with the 26+2 series (Hot 90) or vinyasa yoga through regular practice to participate in this class. It is not suitable for yoga starters.


Ghosh Vinyasa Flow is practiced in a warm room. Through the dynamic, flowing movements synchronised with your breath you will learn to create internal heat and generate a good sweat.



Download: Im Schwitzkasten- Artikel über Hot Yoga Frankfurt in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 17. November 2018
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